Newsletter--Spring Edition
May 2010 Issue # 2
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Second Best Dog Park
Dog Sculptures
Call for Volunteers
Message from the Directors
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A public dog/person water fountain is being installed in the next few weeks on the lawn of our newly renovated historic Town Hall!
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Many thanks to our patrons, volunteers and vendors whose time and talents help to make Pilgrim Bark Park the best it can be.
 Warm Wags
Power Payment Solutions for donating their credit card processing services to Pilgrim Bark Park!

"You can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals."   Immanuel Kant

Happy Spring!
 It's been a busy time here at the park and lots of progress has been made on the third phase of construction of Pilgrim Bark Park.  
     * Hand rail installed at main entrance
     * Second entrance along Shank Painter handicap accessible
     * Main entrance walkway completed
     * Additional landscaping
 In Progress, to be completed soon:
     * Steel mooring ball with Portuguese colors at main entrance
       of park to celebrate Provincetown's Portuguese heritage--
       a gift from Paul Mendes
     * Artistic  'message in a bottle'  kiosk for announcements,
        by artist Candice Crawford
     * Bike rack--a gift from the Visitor's Service Board
      * Shade pavilion: Pilgrim Bark Park is actively working 
         with the Town to address the installation challenges and 
         site restrictions.
Check out Pilgrim Bark Park's redesigned website! Click here: 
Thank you, Julian PopkoPopko bench 
Local artist, Julian Popko created and donated a new "dog" bench for Pilgrim Bark Park! (See photo on left)
Additionally, he is now in the process of creating  a 26-foot long metal sculpture  which will consist of 16 different, near life-sized dogs.  Two of the breeds represented in this collection will be the very FIRST dogs brought over by the Pilgrims on the Mayflower in 1620: an English Mastiff and an English Springer Spaniel. This eagerly awaited sculpture will grace the main walkway entrance to the Pilgrim Bark Park.
  A Call for Volunteers 
 It takes a group effort to maintain a good thing.
          Here's how you can help:           
                *  Rake sand inside parameter of park--make level,
                   fill in holes.
                *  Rake peastone to even out and re-cover 
                   thinning areas
                *  Sweep cemented areas inside park, walkways
                *  Weed landscape
                *  Participate in fundraising events
Also, in accordance with Pilgrim Bark Park's broader vision of promoting animal safety, health, and welfare, anyone who would like to spearhead special projects, i.e., rabies clinic, dog registration day at park, an idea of your own--please contact us at:
Message from the Directors 
As Pilgrim Bark Park is nearing completion, there are some who have posed the question: why are donations still necessary?
The answer:
As many of you know, the park was built solely on extensive fundraising efforts and private donations. The park has not, nor will it receive financial help through taxpayer dollars. The Town assists only with trash removal. Meanwhile, the annual operating budget to maintain the park is approximately $15,000 which includes: insurance, taxes and accounting, utilities (water and electricity), poop bags, replacement sand, pea stone, gravel in the parking lot, web hosting, general landscaping and maintenance.
Please visit our website to learn all the different ways you can give.
Pilgrim Bark Park is YOUR park and in order for it to remain a safe and clean space for you and our furry friends, please familiarize yourself with the park rules.  They were created to provide the safest environment possible.  If you see someone breaking a rule, please bring it to their attention.  More times than not they are unaware and would want to do the right thing.
Just a reminder: Poop bags are bought with your donations.
PLEASE take only what you need while in the park.
Here's to a great summer season.
See you at the park.